F1, David Coulthard goes down flat with Charles Leclerc

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From the Scotsman comes specific advice

As we await the resumption of the Formula 1 season after the summer break, industry insiders continue to wonder about the momentum of Ferrari and Charles Leclerc in particular and the mistakes, now attributable to the driver now to the team, that have caused Max Verstappen to take the lead in the standings.

For David Coulthard, speaking to ‘Channel 4,’ a change of attitude is needed from Leclerc himself: “I’m not surprised by Charles’ severity with himself,” said the Scot. “He’s always been like that, I remember when he ended up on the wall in Baku in 2019 and said on the radio ‘I’m stupid!’ But he has to understand that he is not.”

“Charles is a brilliant and very fast driver,” Coulthard added. “He is maturing in an environment with very strong pressures like Ferrari but he has to learn how to handle them. In Ferrari you don’t drive for a team, you drive for a whole country. As he learns to handle the pressure, the mistakes will zero out, and Leclerc can win the World Championship. His path reminds me of Max Verstappen’s: how many mistakes did he make at the beginning of his career? But then he learned and became world champion.”

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