Perugia, Castori warns Parma: “I have two extra pawns”

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Perugia coach: “I have respect for Parma but we have grown a lot”

Perugia coach Fabrizio Castori in a press conference presented Saturday night’s match against Parma, showing confidence: “We have grown this week, in terms of the way we are on the field and our athletic form. We have respect for the opponent but we want to improve especially the aspect of fellowship.”

Castori welcomed the arrivals of Luperini and Strizzolo: “I shared and am pleased with the signing of Luperini and Strizzolo, who have important characteristics for my type of game. Luperini gives physicality in the midfield, Strizzolo is a player who attacks depth and can give us a big hand.”

On the Palermo loss: “We committed some ingenuities. We conceded goals from corner kicks in our favor, the opponent was quicker. That said, we also conceded very little so it is a statistic in our favor.”

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