Lewis Hamilton: “I’m not the same man as before”

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Lewis Hamilton: “I’m not the same man as before”

Through a long post on Instagram, Lewis Hamilton summed up his trip to Africa: “These past few weeks I have had some of the best days of my life. I am not the same man as I was before: all the beauty, love and tranquility I experienced make me feel completely transformed.”

“No amount of pictures could convey how I feel now and what I’m trying to say,” he says. “Where words are not enough, emotions run deep. I have connected with my roots and history and feel my ancestors with me now stronger than ever before. Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania thank you. To the people here, nature and wildlife thank you. We were welcomed in every beautiful place we visited. We were treated like family. To my brothers who joined me on this trip, thank you. I know we will talk about this forever.”

Hamilton will return to base to better prepare for the Belgian Grand Prix, whose race is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 28.

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