MotoGp, backstory on Marc Marquez: “He’s angry.”

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Oscar Haro recounted the reasons for the divorce between Marc Marquez and Alzamora

Former LCR Honda ds Oscar Haro in an interview reported by Todocircuito told the background of the divorce between Marc Marquez and manager Emilio Alzamora: “Only one thing happened to Marc: he came to live in Madrid. He found out things he didn’t know and I know that a friend of mine took care of him, opened his eyes and showed him so many things.”

“Marc and his father are angry. Nowadays if you go to Gran Via in Madrid and walk with Marc Marquez and Fonsi Nieto, people recognize more Fonsi than Marc,” Haro continued. “And that’s because when Fonsi was racing there was free MotoGP on television and 5 million people watched it, while now how many people watch Dazn? 170,000 people? This made Fonsi so well-known and allowed him to create a team to work on his image and this allowed him to be the protagonist of incredible advertising campaigns, something that never happened to Marc Marquez.”

According to Haro, Marquez then broke with his longtime prosecutor mainly because of a problem of exploitation of his image: “Marc is not known by half the planet, unlike other Spaniards like Rafa Nadal or Pau Gasol. I am not saying that Alzamora’s work was not well done, we are talking about a very serious super professional, but he is probably one of the old school who thinks about keeping the rider focused exclusively on racing, and to take pressure off him. But Marc Marquez is no longer just a rider, he is merchandising, sponsors, advertising, image, social networks: he has become a product. He lacks important support in this sense.”

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