MotoGP: Marc Marquez reveals his new, true dream

©Getty Images

The goal, indeed the dream, has changed from the past.

Marc Marquez is still struggling with the difficult recovery after his fourth surgery on his right arm, and he decided to tell his story for ‘Behind the Dream: Marc,’ a series curated by Honda’s official MotoGP team. And here he made it clear what he’s aiming for in the near future.

“I received a question, if I dream to come back and win a race. But my dream, more than anything else, now has become to return to riding without feeling pain,” Marquez confessed. “I would like to be able to ride the bike thinking about how to set the next corner. And not do like in recent times, where I had to focus on how to position myself with my body in order to do it.”

Marquez then exposed the frustration he feels from having to stay at home while MotoGP continues to write new stories and produce new results, “From home you get the feeling of wanting to race, that’s obvious. But you also have a way of keeping it under control. Worse is when you’re on a circuit and you hear the bikes going. You see your team, and your own bike, in those moments you can’t help but be nervous. In the end it remains your bike, even if it has another number on it.”

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