Monza, Stroppa remains quiet and makes an announcement

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Monza coach after fourth straight knockout: “We move on”

The fourth knockout in four Serie A matches does not shake Monza coach Giovanni Stroppa, who despite the clear defeat to Roma praised the team in some respects: “In the first half I liked the team for how it held the field, but it made free mistakes that we cannot concede. We need to work, limiting these errors that can also stem from a character factor.”

Up front, the Brianzos saw little of each other: “In the first half we lacked incisiveness in going to finish and looking for one-on-one. In Udine on this level we did well, today much less.”

Stroppa feels calm regarding his bench: “I feel calm because the society exposed itself a few days ago. In this sense the society should answer. But several times he has reiterated that we are moving forward. We have taken important players, but out of condition. Patience is needed, I like the team and we move forward.”

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