MotoGp, Alvaro Bautista is frank about Valentino Rossi

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According to Ducati centaur Bautista, World Sbk is superior to MotoGp devoid of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez

Ducati centaur Alvaro Bautista, the leader of World Superbike, in an interview with spoke about the current differences between MotoGp and Superbike, pointing out that SBK is now preferred by fans: “For fans, the World Superbike Championship is much better than MotoGP right now.”

“The races are more spectacular, you can see how the bikes are pushed to the limit to overtake the opponents. Superbike is also very interesting for spectators on site. There is the spectacle of the paddock and the performances on the podium, where the riders celebrate with the spectators. Everyone can be there at the paddock, not just insiders.”

MotoGp has paid dearly for Valentino Rossi’s farewell and Marc Marquez’s injuries: “Valentino and Marc are missing, so MotoGP has to offer something new to spectators. If they don’t, they will lose more fans. In SBK, there are more overtaking and more spectacle because riders can ride different trajectories, this is less possible in MotoGP with today’s tires and aerodynamics.”

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