Ski season grappling with expensive energy: cry of alarm

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Ski season grappling with expensive energy

High energy prices threaten to break the bank for the upcoming ski season.

The issue affects the entire manufacturing sector but is absolutely vital to winter tourism, which relies on skiing and lifts that are electrically powered and as such represent the most sustainable way to enjoy the mountains.

“The cost of energy has increased by as much as 6 times compared to August 2021,” comments Valeria Ghezzi, president of ANEF. “At this point, the energy needed to power ski lifts and snowmaking systems, when they are needed, plus the diesel fuel used by snow groomers, risks becoming an unsustainable cost. A cost that would undermine the fortunes of the entire supply chain that thrives on the snow industry and includes hotels, restaurants, transportation, and ski schools.

The concern goes especially to the many small businesses that operate in the sector and are in danger of closing.”

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