Surprise hypothesis in Robin Gosens’ future

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Surprise hypothesis in Robin Gosens’ future

Having arrived from Atalanta bringing with him high expectations, Robin Gosens has always failed to show the qualities that had made him among the league’s most solid players in Bergamo. Undoubtedly injury has had an influence, but it has to be said that the German seems never to have fully settled in Milan.

Now the future could take an unexpected turn and the 1994-born could return to Germany: on his trail is Bayer Leverkusen, which for now has only sounded the ground but could pull off the coup should the Nerazzurri club open to a transfer.

There is a lot of reasoning going on at Inter: a transfer just hours before the end of the soccer market window could be a risk, but holding Gosens back and not playing him would mean drastically reducing his valuation.

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