Massimiliano Allegri doesn’t want a handsome Juventus

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The words of Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri holds on to the 2-0 win at Spezia. “I am happy with the team and Miretti’s performance. The changes are very important, we lost some order in the second half, but at the beginning the three points count. We don’t have to be pretty, but effective.”

“Turnovers in these first few days? I can only speak about my team, right now here we are quite fresh: it all depends also on the characteristics of the players, we had two quality players in midfield and Rabiot who had an extraordinary game. Pogba is out, Paredes has just arrived: for this reason I have to keep playing with the same players. Di Maria I risked him even though he had not even done a training session with the team, Kostic and Milik came in well.”

“The important thing is to bring home results, the condition is still not optimal. There are matches every three days, knowledge within the team is not easy, there are new players. We have to improve in game management: after doing 25-30 good minutes in the first half, we lost some balls in a trivial way and pulled back too much. These moments can happen but they should be passed without any risk: Vlahovic stayed high on the defenders and they slipped past us 2-3 times.”

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