Stefano Domenicali casts doubt on Monza’s future

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Stefano Domenicali’s words

Stefano Domenicali is back to talk about the future of the Monza GP. “The line is long to join Formula 1. However, to give value to the world championship I would say that we should not go beyond 24 races (a limit also set by the Concordia Pact, nda). Then it is possible that we will make other evaluations, but I think this is the limit beyond which not to go.”

“Monza? This is the 100th anniversary and we will celebrate it. It is part of Formula 1, but this is not a sufficient element to say that it will always be part of Formula 1. There is a need for the whole system to understand that the GP needs investment so that both the fans and the teams can enjoy the event to the fullest. We are trying to make sure that a Grand Prix is a unique and different experience. The problems with Monza are there and need to be solved; it’s not a pretty situation. The competitive push to have GPs on the Formula 1 calendar has to make everyone raise the bar. Let’s take the example of Spa: it was right to put pressure on the Grand Prix, because it’s not just history that allows promoters to have a GP in the F1 World Championship and to keep an event on the calendar.”

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