Lazio, Sarri has some for everyone: ironic response to Spalletti

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In the post match of Lazio-Napoli, everything happened

“In the Var era, either they are poor or the second scenario is more worrying. They have been coming here biased since the beginning of the season, and they even tell us: ‘You behaved badly with Bologna and these are the consequences’…” These were Sarri’s harsh accusations in the post match of the challenge Lazio lost to Napoli.

Under accusation was the direction of Sozza, who, according to Spalletti, instead did an egregious job on the field: “The referee is one of the best around, one of the strongest, who will become a top. He directed well.” Sarri’s own response was immediate: “If I were in his place, I too would be very happy with the referee.” Now to be understood what will happen. A federal investigation is not to be ruled out for what Sarri said, who also asked, albeit indirectly, his patron Lotito to intervene.

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