Lewis Hamilton relived the nightmare of Abu Dhabi.

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Lewis Hamilton’s words

Lewis Hamilton came close to his first win of the year in the Netherlands but in the end he did not even make the podium:

“I think there are a lot of positives but I lived on a roller coaster in terms of emotions. I was there in contention to win this race and to see it slip through my fingers was really painful, it reminded me of the last race last year, it was a bit of deja vu,” he said hotly thinking back to the 2021 epilogue in Abu Dhabi that cost him the world title.

“If I look at the performance of the car it was great, I was pushing and it gave me great feeling. Without VSC and SC we would have been there until the end and the pit stops were great. I take the positives. The victory, which continues to elude us for now, will come,” he still concluded.

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