F1, Max Verstappen scares Ferrari fans at Monza

©Getty Images

Max Verstappen swaggering after victory in Zandvoort: “The circuit favors us, we can’t wait to go there.”

Red Bull could dominate the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, home to Ferrari. World champion Max Verstappen, happy with his victory at Zanvoort, a track theoretically more complicated for his Red Bull’s characteristics, looks forward with great optimism, almost swagger, to the race in Lombardy.

“If you look at the whole season, you see that on circuits with average aerodynamic load our car is very efficient-that’s why I’m looking forward to Monza.” With its long straights and few corners, Red Bull’s strength, already seen at Spa, could stand out at the Autodromo.

Verstappen also analyzes the rest of the season with optimism: “There are no more real Grands Prix where we will be weak, but we know that we will be stronger in some places than others.”

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