Mattia Binotto responds in kind to Nico Rosberg

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The words of Mattia Binotto

Mattia Binotto’s response to Nico Rosberg, who had attacked after the Dutch Grand Prix, has arrived: “In F2 and F3 they work better than the Redhead on strategies and pit stops.”

“We will not make any changes. This is my answer to Rosberg . the Maranello team principal told Motorsport. “We have great people and it has been proven that in sport it is more important to have stability, and to make sure we improve day after day, race after race. We have great people on the team-I have no doubt about that. It takes years of experience for all teams to be on the cutting edge, and I don’t think there is any reason why it should be any different for us. Sainz’s stop? It was a very late call to react to what Hamilton did. Too late. But I know, as should Rosberg, because he is an experienced driver, that it is much easier to deal with these kinds of problems than with performance. Performance is what matters most , in my opinion.”

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