Carlo Pernat with no brakes on Bagnaia and Marc Marquez

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The words of Carlo Pernat

Carlo Pernat did not like the words of Claudio Domenicali and Gigi Dall’Igna against his Bastianini. “Neither Enea nor I liked them, because you can make strategies, however a win is worth 10 liras and a second place 5, and at the end of the season even the World podium is worth prizes. We are professionals and money matters too. On Sunday I would have preferred to hear happy statements, for such a Sunday. Then Enea was racing at home, in Gresini’s livery, there was something romantic about what he was trying to do.”

“The strongest guy won on Sunday,” the experienced manager pointed out to the Gazzetta dello Sport. “Enea tried, and those fast laps that the two signed makes you realize how strong they went. Pecco wins so much because he is a strong one, he has made four wins in a row one better than the other, what more does he have to do, fly to Mars? If people didn’t understand that he is a champion, then they didn’t understand anything. However, having said that if I were Ducati I would make a strategy to always have two riders playing for the World Championship, if then with two races to go we need to be a team player, we help each other.” For Pernat, in any case, “now the needle has shifted a lot toward Bagnaia, now you see that Quartararo has come a bit scared against this Ducati, also because he is alone. Aragon will be crucial for him.”

He closed on Marc Marquez: “I if I were him in these weeks I would go to other tracks and then come back to race in Australia. He has to take his time, it would be a mistake if he came back to Aragon. But next year with his return will be a super championship.”

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