Davide Santon announces retirement from soccer: “My body can’t take it anymore”

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Davide Santon has announced his retirement from soccer

Davide Santon has announced his retirement from soccer: he has decided to go this route, explaining in a long interview granted to the microphones of “Tuttomercatoweb.com” the real reasons that led him to make this decision: “I am forced to stop playing. Not because I had no offers, not because of anything else, but because my body, with so many injuries in the past, can’t take it anymore. I am forced to do this. I don’t want to, but I have to.”

The player added, “In the first year that I was taken off the roster, I experienced one checkup after another but there is nothing to do: the only thing would be to risk having prostheses. I can still walk on my legs but to be a professional player you need more. I have the left knee where I did not have surgery that is gone though. It prevents me from so many things…. And then there is the famous right knee-I had surgery three times. Cartilage, removed all the external meniscus but as soon as I make the slightest effort, it swells and doesn’t bend anymore. Automatically all my flexor injuries start from there. In Serie A you have to push, the right knee doesn’t bend, I was straining the left leg and the flexor is…. Gone. Every little effort there is always stretching, standing still. You play one race, you’re out five. They used to tell me ‘you’re stealing money from Rome.’ Let alone: with the club we were okay about saying goodbye, the point is that I couldn’t pass medical examinations elsewhere.”

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