Luciano Spalletti does not tremble over Osimhen’s knockout

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Luciano Spalletti’s words

Luciano Spalletti is not afraid that his Napoli side will be affected by Osimhen’s absence: “It’s sorry not to have him available, but it happens. Raspadori and Simeone are players who can replace him, they will provide a great performance.”

The Azzurri will take on Spezia: “I want to see the Napoli that faced Liverpool to sow a character and reap a destiny at the end of the season.”

“For the players we have the hypothesis is to play 4-2-3-1 even if there is Zielinski or Elmas inside and to play 4-3-3 even if there is Raspadori and Simeone inside,” he concluded on the formation theme. Raspadori can be a trequartista behind the point, the one who starts midfielder and ends up behind the point and attacks the defense together with Osimhen, it doesn’t change much. Ndombele can do both roles. He is doing well, he has grown in the group and is showing his quality.”

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