F1 Ferrari: Leclerc and Binotto tough on final farce at Monza

©Getty Images

Ferrari does not hide its anger over what happened with the Safety Car in the final laps of the Italian GP

The Safety Car mess in the finale of the Italian Grand Prix and the train of cars up to the checkered flag sent Ferrari into a rage as it saw the possibility of a last-lap duel between Verstappen and Leclerc for the win, but also between Russell and Sainz for third place, taken away.

Charles Leclerc did not hide his bitterness: “Frustrating ending. We hoped we could play it out at the end. Too bad, I gave everything. I would have liked to win today in front of these fans, but it was not possible today. VSC? We honestly didn’t know what Red Bull was going to do when we made that choice. We finished second, so I’m not happy with the race, but it’s okay.”

Team principal Mattia Binotto was very tough: “We didn’t know how it would end with a restart. After Abu Dhabi we had talked about speeding up the restart and today the conditions were there. We don’t know why they waited so long to have the cars restart, it’s a real sleeper by the FIA and to date they are still not up to this kind of operation. They have changed their face, but in certain decisions they are too cautious and slow: F1 needs another gear, races should be run on the track and not behind a safety car,” are the clear words to Sky.

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