F1, Pecco Bagnaia in Monza speaks out on Charles Leclerc

©Getty Images

From two-wheelers to four-wheelers, the wish between Italian fan favorites.

Charles Leclerc has an exceptional fan for the Italian Grand Prix. He is Pecco Bagnaia, who in turn is chasing the world championship in MotoGP with his Ducati and from the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’ brought his good wishes to the Ferrari’s Monegasque ahead of Monza. “I would be very happy to see Leclerc there in front constantly. I think that’s where he should be,” he said in fact.

“I would be delighted today to see him have a great race,” added Bagnaia, who then commented on the comparisons of those who see similarities between him and Leclerc: “Definitely being associated with a driver like him is a pleasure, I had the pleasure of knowing him during the Covid period when we played together in the simulators. I found out that he is a great person. I would be very happy to be able to get a final result that lives up to this comparison.”

Bagnaia then commented on possible parallels between his Ducati’s world championship run-up and Leclerc’s run-up in Ferrari: “I think the factors are different, because the car affects so much in Formula 1. In MotoGP, on the other hand, the rider can make a little more difference in some situations. I have been in very good situations lately, with everything working very well and good results being achieved. So the situation is a little different, but Charles has everything to stay in front. Because he is really strong.”

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