Massimiliano Allegri, surprise words about referees

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The words of Massimiliano Allegri

Surprising words from Massimiliano Allegri after the fiery Juventus-Salernitana final. “A goal was disallowed, that is a fact. I would also like to see the full images, because there was Candreva near the flag. The referees however should be left alone, the protagonists of the matches are the players. Marcenaro was very good. He made a decision like that at a very delicate moment.”

On the match: “We did 20′ good in the first half, then we got a goal because of a reading error by Cuadrado. We had several favorable situations before going under, then failing to equalize was to close on 0-1, instead we got that goal on a penalty. In the second half we played a good game, we arrive at Wednesday with a good mood, different from the one we would have had if we had lost. We have to prepare the match with Benfica in the best possible way. I am very confident and optimistic, just take away that quarter of an hour in the first half and overall we played a good game.”

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