Juventus fury: referees’ explanation baffles fans

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The Italian Referees Association clears itself after controversy in the match between Juve and Salernitana: “Var did not have Candreva’s images available.”

“The Var did not have available the image with Candreva”: the Italian Referees Association thus exonerates itself after the macroscopic error of the referees that came in the final of the match between Juventus and Salernitana, when match director Marcenaro annulled a regular goal by Milik.

The whistle-blower nullified Bonucci’s goal for offside, which was confirmed after consulting Var officials, who in turn blatantly failed to notice the position of Candreva, who, near the flag, kept the Juventus defender in play by at least half a meter.

The Hague the day after the match issued this statement, “The technical body of the Can has viewed the images made available to the Var and Avar for the match in question finding no correspondence with the video in question. The Can’s technical body also expressly asked the company providing the technological service for the Var if the camera in question, defined as tactical, was available to the Var officials for the match played at Juventus Stadium. The answer that was given was that the chamber was not available to Var and therefore was not usable by the referees. With this clarification, we are convinced that we have clarified the incident that occurred.”

Needless to say, the referees’ statement is sparking even more controversy.

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