Pierluigi Marzorati saw a giant in Berlin.

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Marzorati’s analysis

With the ‘Messenger’ Pierluigi Marzorati analyzed Italy’s victory over Serbia at the European Championship.

“The decisive key was Spissu’s performance in the last quarter: gigantic,” recounted the former Italian national basketball team point guard. “Then the humility of everyone and the ability not to lose our heads when we were down and Pozzecco was ejected. We won as a great team.”

Just today Marzorati, Cantù’s flag bearer, blows out 70 candles: “Valerio Bianchini gave a turning point: with him we won everything, he took us beyond our limits. Bianchini is a man of great visions. The Champions Cup final in 1982 in which we overcame Maccabi was a masterpiece.”

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