Juve flop, Massimiliano Allegri’s staff also ends up under indictment

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Seventeen injuries have been suffered by HCL players in two months.

There are those who speak of the wrong tactical attitude. There are those who point the finger at the lack of courage shown during matches, especially when the team is dealing with an advantageous situation. And there are those who are beginning to ask questions about the athletic condition, which is deficient, and the large number of injuries that have occurred in the last two months. In the Juve household, the hunt for the culprits of a crisis, perhaps announced but surprising in its severity, is now open.

In the crosshairs of Juventus insiders and fans, the staff of Juventus coach Max Allegri is now also in the crosshairs: Simone Folletti, the team’s athletic trainer, and Giovanni Andreini, head of performance, are in fact called upon to give an explanation on the incredible number of players stopped by injuries from July 16 to September 16. There are as many as 17, many of them muscular in nature. From De Sciglio to Szczesny to end with the last two cases, those of Locatelli and Alex Sandro, Juve’s infirmary is always full. Those not affected by physical troubles, in any case, seem to be trudging on the field.

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