Roger Federer quits, his special social thanks

©Getty Images

A new social message, following the historic one of the retirement announcement.

Roger Federer is back to tell his feelings with the bowls down, after he had made his decision to say goodbye to tennis known to the world on Thursday. He had done so in a long statement on Instagram, the same social on which in a new post he thanked those who have been closest to him in these complex days.

“It was wonderful to communicate the news surrounded by my mother, father and Mirka. Who would have thought the journey would take so long. Simply amazing!” was indeed his post, in which Federer attached some pictures in which he smiles with his wife and parents. His new social post, like the previous ones, was also accompanied by the overwhelming affection of his many fans, from the most to the least known.

“The Laver Cup to be held in London next week will be my last ATP event. I will still play tennis in the future, of course, just not in Grand Slam tournaments or on the world tour,” Federer had explained in his announcement last Thursday.

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