Juve, Allegri’s deputy on Di Maria: “Tartassed by Izzo”

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Allegri’s deputy Landucci: “He uses these tactics, Di Maria reacted. Now we have to shut up and pedal.”

The deputy of Massimiliano Allegri, Marco Landucci, hai microphones of Dazn spoke after Juve’s defeat against Monza: “The expulsion clearly conditioned the match. Di Maria was tarred, Izzo we know him and he uses these tactics. He reacted and I am told that the expulsion was fair, I did not see it.”

The Bianconeri have won only one league game in the last six: “In the second half we had a few balls to score goals, but we need to talk little and do facts. On Wednesday we took a bad hit, but excuses are not needed: we need to shut up and pedal.”

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