Monza, Palladino: “Berlusconi incredulous, Galliani cried.”

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Monza coach Palladino spoke after the Biancorossi’s first win in A

It was a memorable day for Raffaele Palladino, who made his debut on the Monza bench by clinching the club’s first win in Serie A, against none other than Juventus. “Wonderful day, in the locker room there was a celebration. It was incredible and unexpected, even though I knew the boys would play with heart. During the week I saw in their eyes al desire for revenge. They showed themselves to be great men, they gave everything and the credit is only theirs. I just made myself available and they were crazy.”

On Juve in crisis: “It was in trouble, because we closed all the spaces and limited them. We took away their dribbling. Beyond tactical speeches, this game the boys won it during the week, putting commitment and intensity in training.”

Compliments from Berlusconi and Galliani: “The president called me and couldn’t believe it. He was very excited and congratulated us. Dr. Galliani cried and it was very emotional. I know there was skepticism around me and it was right, because I came from Primavera. However, I have to thank both Galliani and Berlusconi, because on Monday when they entrusted me with the team they gave me great responsibility. They gave me a dream and I will thank them for the rest of my life.”

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