Nando Marino explains the goodbyes in the Brindisi household.

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Nando Marino speaks

Nando Marino, the president of Happy Casa Brindisi, looks forward to the upcoming season with confidence.

“We are convinced that we have set up a good roster, that we have set it up with care,” he tells the Gazzetta di Brindisi. “The group of Italians seemed to us to have run its course and we wish them well in their careers.

“Now we are projected with a group of young and experienced in a mix. We hope that, as in the past, some of the young people can definitely explode in Brindisi,” Marino adds, “while others I am sure will reaffirm themselves starting from Brindisi. Let’s not forget then completed on the point that here we have one of the best centers in the league, who has decided to stay in Brindisi, which is Nick Perkins: I think we are facing an explosive mix.”

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