Forward with Max Allegri, but for Moroccan, the alternative is there

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For Moroccan, it is necessary to continue with Allegri

Former Juventus player Domenico Marocchino, interviewed exclusively by, spoke about the difficult situation at the Bianconeri’s home and especially Massimiliano Allegri.

“Is it right to continue with Allegri? I think it is right also because, as they say in the jargon, you can also put on a sailor’s uniform but if you are in a lake and not at the sea nothing changes. In my opinion the team is decent but it is not a top four team, also calculating injuries, so I would not put all the blame on Allegri,” explained the former Sampdoria and Bologna striker among others.

“I would be of the idea to continue with him, at least for a while, then of course with the World Cup break, if the situation does not improve, then in theory, if you put aside the economic issue, which is quite relevant, you can consider changing however Allegri has a quite onerous contract, it is not such a good period from an economic point of view so it is better to be a little quiet,” he continued.

Then Marocchino had his say on a possible replacement for the Tuscan coach: “They all talk about Paolo Montero because he would be an internal solution however he has very very relative experience because it’s only a few years that he coaches and then he coaches the youth sector. Apart from the fact that Pirlo also did this step so it is not certain that Montero cannot do it too however as far as I am concerned the staff around Allegri and if it will be, around Montero will be very important. The advice, the comparisons with the working group, maybe there may very well be someone who sees things on the field that the coach doesn’t notice and doesn’t see. I would recommend group work with people who know what they are doing and not people who just accept everything the coach decides to do regardless.”

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