Roger Federer tells an amusing anecdote about Carlos Alcaraz

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Federer tells an amusing anecdote about Alcaraz

Roger Federer, who announced his retirement from professional tennis last week, will close out his glorious career at the Laver Cup, scheduled to begin Friday in London. Ahead of his last date on a tennis court, the Swiss player gave a lengthy interview in which, among others, he spoke about the new world number one, Carlos Alcaraz.

The Swiss star showed all his regret for never being able to meet him: “It’s a pity that I will never be able to play against him. I saw what he did at the US Open, he was fantastic. I have always said that there will be new superstars in the sport. The future of tennis is bright. Some people said it would never be the same when Pete and Andre retired, but there will always be people who will win Grand Slams.”

But what amused the press was the anecdote revealed by Roger about the Spanish jewel: “I have a funny anecdote with Carlos, at Wimbledon, when we trained together. It was a good training session. I remember Juan Carlos (Ferrero) was very happy to see him training well, because he was his boy. Many times, after training with someone, you train again because it’s easy to call that person again and ask them if they want to do it again. So I called them two days later.”

“But I made a mistake and said I wanted to train with Juan Carlos, not Carlos. I was late, but the training with Ferrero was great, he didn’t miss a ball. I could still be on the circuit,” he said.

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