An ‘old’ friend comes to Max Allegri’s rescue

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“Maybe there will be concurrence of blame from Allegri, but I don’t think the responsibility is his.”

The protagonist of a nightmarish start to the season, closely reminiscent of the disasters at the beginning of last year, Massimiliano Allegri is experiencing perhaps his worst moment since he returned to the helm of Juventus in the summer of 2021. Many fans are calling for his head, and even several insiders are convinced that Juve should get rid of him. Or that a step back by the coach is appropriate.

One voice out of the chorus is certainly that of Adriano Galliani, the current Monza AD who, together with Allegri, won a Scudetto in Berlusconi-era Milan. From the stage of the Trento Sports Festival, which he attended as a guest speaker, the seasoned Brianza executive stood up for his former coach. Explaining in detail where the accusations made against him should be considered groundless.

“I love Allegri so much that I absolutely would not exonerate him. You have to consider the history of each of us. He arrived at Milan and the first year he won the Scudetto and the Italian Super Cup. In the four autumns he always qualified to the round of 16 of the Champions League. When he goes to Juve he always repeats this. He won all the Scudettos, he always qualified the team. I think Allegri’s past matters a lot. If Juve is not doing well at this time maybe there will be concurrence of Allegri’s fault, but I don’t think the responsibility is his. Sport is cyclical, you win you win and then there is a moment when you don’t win for a while. It does not depend on who is managing at that time, it is cyclical. It happened to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan, Inter Milan and now Juventus. It is nobody’s fault. It is the wheel that turns,” Galliani concluded.

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