exclusive: Mario Ghiacci full-court press on Trieste

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Mario Ghiacci exclusively for

Mario Ghiacci was also at the Allianz Geas Basket presentation in Milan on Friday. And did not miss the opportunity to talk to the president of Pallacanestro Trieste.

“It will be a season in which great basketball will be played, because all the teams have made an important leap in quality at the technical level,” he stressed. “It will be a difficult championship, the last one already was, with all the teams committed to the last to get into the playoffs or to avoid relegation. We did not get into the playoffs because of a two-point basket difference. The ultimate in balance, a factor that will be even more exacerbated in the season ahead.”

“We made the team we could afford to make, we married a very young coach. It was not a choice determined by saving money but by the fact that we believe a lot in the technical value of this guy we have been building in house for a few years now and we gave him this responsibility because he deserves it,” added the number 1 of the Giulians talking about Marco Legovich.

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