Pecco Bagnaia admits, “I was calling myself an asshole.”

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Bagnaia’s words

Pecco Bagnaia doesn’t mince words after his crash on the last lap at Motegi: “I was applauding the cazz… I had just done. I was calling myself a dick, honestly.”

“My ambition was to pass Fabio right away so I could try to pass Vinales as well, since we were all together. But I was too far behind, I had lost in acceleration. I tried anyway, and that’s when I realize where my margin for improvement is. To throw away points like that is not fair to the work my team does. I have to figure out how to be more icy in these situations. Be cool and think better about things. I saw the overtaking, but I wasn’t there. The only good thing is that I didn’t knock Fabio out as well, because that would have been unfair,” the Ducatista admitted to the Sky Sport MotoGP microphones.

“Strangely, I couldn’t traction or do anything. The only thing I could do was to brake very hard, but that caused the front tire pressure to rise unexpectedly. So I needed a lot of time to get it back down. The last few laps I was pushing again, I could do what I wanted to do. I recovered a lot but I was too ambitious on the last lap,” Bagnaia concluded.

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