Jorge Lorenzo, new challenge to Valentino Rossi

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Jorge Lorenzo wants to get serious about four wheels: “Valentino Rossi is improving, but so am I…”

A confrontation between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo may soon come on four wheels as well. The Spanish driver to the microphones of Motorsport-magazin spoke about his experience on cars, still in its infancy compared to that of the Doctor: “Now I race in the Porsche Carrera Cup and when I started, I was a good two seconds from the best. Now I’m only half a second slower, I’ve made really good progress.”

On a possible debut in the GT3 champions, where the Tavullia centaur militates: “I would have to test and see how I do there. And after that it would be about the possibilities that arise. It has been a long time since I drove the 2014 Abu Dhabi 12 Hours in a Ferrari Kessel Racing GT3. This and next season I will start in the Italian Porsche Carrera Cup. Let’s see if I will drive anything else.”

On Valentino Rossi: “His performance has improved a lot, just like mine. We are racing in different championships and with very different cars. In his he has ABS and traction control, while I don’t have these aids. I think it would really interest a lot of people to have a new on-track confrontation between the two of us. I’m sure we would love to find out which of us is faster on four wheels.”

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