Umberto Gandini sets goal for Italian basketball

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Umberto Gandini sets goal for Italian basketball

On Monday in Bologna’s Salaborsa Library, the new season of Serie A basketball was presented. The event was also attended by LBA President Umberto Gandini, who set the basketball movement’s goal: “After more than two very difficult seasons due to the pandemic, our main goal is to fill again the palasport that must return to being centers of aggregation and entertainment. In this we will certainly also be helped by the boost of the Italian national team that performed well at the last European Championships.”

“The fact of having two teams at the start of the top European club competition, the Euroleague, is an important fact that confirms the increased competitiveness of the league, for which now the clubs must continue to work to make our tournament more and more compelling. A further confirmation of this will is the entry into force this season of the Manual for the National Professional License, which represents an important step forward for the professionalization of clubs and a sign of the desire for growth that the entire movement intends to pursue to improve its structures more and more.”

“We are entering the first season of a three-year agreement, starting a new partnership with Eleven Sports, which will broadcast all the season’s games via streaming,” Gandini explained. “On the issue of basketball’s visibility and availability, we have been confronting the market, aiming to involve the new generations who expect increasingly engaging content that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Precisely to meet these needs we are inaugurating the LBA Media House this season with the aim of producing more and more content. We are satisfied because we have managed to combine this objective with the economic aspect, which sees a doubling of revenues, domestic and international, from the licensing of television rights, confirming the increased value of Serie A.”

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