Fiorentina, Luka Jovic risks becoming a case for Vincenzo Italiano

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For Vlado Borozan, Jovic is in danger of becoming a case

Sports director and former Serbian footballer Vlado Borozan, spoke to the microphones of Radio FirenzeViola about the situation related to his compatriot Luka Jovic, who so far has scored only one goal since his arrival in Florence, missing, among other things, a penalty kick against Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus in the 1-1 draw at the Franchi.

“From what I can understand, there is a psychological problem with Jovic. I don’t know what he was promised, but it seems to me that something in the club-coach-player relationship has not worked. Clearly the guy has to take responsibility, but when a player doesn’t even smile it means there is something serious,” explained the former striker.

“I said that the player has to take responsibility, in fact. However, this performance of his is beyond the bare minimum, so something has to be done. Throwing something like this away doesn’t seem right to me. You also have to wait for him, maybe on Sunday he scores and a cycle opens,” Borozan continued, warning coach Vincenzo Italiano.

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