Brescia, coach Magro puts his hands out towards Olimpia Milano

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Germani Brescia coach puts his hands out.

Alessandro Magro, coach of Germani Brescia, spoke in a press conference ahead of the league opener, against Italian champions Olimpia Milano.

“It is a pleasure to be here again to talk about basketball. It ends a period that for us coaches is very good, one in which we see the team grow, week by week, in which our group takes shape. All the work we did, however, was directed toward playing the games that matter and we have great desire to do that,” the Tuscan coach began.

Then Magro turned to Ettore messina’s men: “We are playing against the strongest team in the league, moreover at their home. Last year Olimpia never lost at home and this is the best possible opportunity for us to see where we are in our journey, even if we are just at the beginning. I am very sorry to learn of Mitrou-Long’s absence; I would have really liked to see him back on the court and playing against him. Given the length of the EA7 roster, we don’t know which players will be on the court. I hope that Sunday’s will be a close game; it will be important for us to hold up to their athleticism and depth. In addition, I am sure that many Brescian fans will come to Assago to fill that segment of the Forum that is always very nice to see in biancoblu.”

“Our spirit is to start without ever feeling beaten. Milan has quintets with physicality and size that no other team can field. I know it will be a very difficult game but I like to think we can go to the Forum with the knowledge that we want to play our game. We have changed from last season, there are some things we will try to repeat, other things that will necessarily change because the performers have changed. What must remain is the desire to go there and try to compete at our best and this is something we will always do, in Italy and in the EuroCup,” concluded the coach of the Lombard team.

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