Nico Rosberg extols Max Verstappen and… Lewis Hamilton

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The words of Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg to the Press Association took stock of the Formila 1 season. “For me, two drivers stand out this year: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.”

“If Max continues to be in this form, and if the Red Bull Racing car continues to be so fast, for me it’s not out of the question that Max will come close to Lewis’ record. He has eliminated all the mistakes he made in the early years of his career, and he has taken away some of the aggression; a similar situation had already occurred in the careers of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Max and Lewis stand out, and I look forward to seeing how this decade develops.”

He concludes on Hamilton: “I know from my former colleagues at Mercedes how motivated Lewis is with all his successes, he could sit back comfortably and say, “What do I care?” But he doesn’t: he works hard at his job because he is driven by the thought of winning his eighth title. I see few signs of fatigue in Lewis as I do in Fernando Alonso. Today he is 41 years old and drives like a 20-year-old. Few drivers are able to do that. I hope to see Lewis for many more years.”

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