Alex De Angelis is not surprised by Pecco Bagnaia’s Ducati

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The words of Alex De Angelis

Alex De Angelis on MotoG-Podcast had his say on the season finale: “I’m not amazed at how strong Ducati is going, if anything, how the Japanese are disappearing. The Italian bikes have always been fighting at the front in all categories, but they were doing it against the Japanese bikes that are now gone. Quartararo’s race? The Yamaha struggles so much on the water, but if you look at Morbidelli’s gap even he didn’t do everything he could. I don’t think he’s been sleeping much lately, but Fabio is someone who has often made a difference, let’s see if it’s just a lost moment or what.”

Chapter Bagnaia: “On Sunday I wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes, because you’re there 3rd next to the first two, you want to attack, but the race before you fell and so you have to be careful, plus you have two others behind you ready to attack. You’re between a rock and a hard place. Zarco. It was difficult and risky to pass in those conditions, had he attacked and knocked Pecco down he would have lost the 2023 bike.” Of Espargaro, De Angelis has “extreme admiration ever since he raced CRTs and was going strong. Except with the Suzuki, which was perhaps not his bike, he always put himself behind his teammate.”

Final prediction on Australia: “First Marquez ahead of Bagnaia and Miller.”

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