Italvolley, Davide Mazzanti already looking beyond the semifinals

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The words of Davide Mazzanti

Davide Mazzanti enjoys the victory over China at the Volleyball World Cup: “It is a wonderful feeling to be here at this moment, we are where we wanted to be when we started our long journey. Now we just have to live this beautiful moment all in one breath. This World Cup has been a very long wait during which we had the chance to experience again the feelings and emotions we have already experienced in a GNV that was really great for us.”

“Having reached this point we just have to be ourselves; the team has an ability to express itself at its best when it plays at its own pace; in our next two games we have to do what we know and in our own way. Ours was a long, tiring summer in which we planned everything in detail, and evenings like this repay us with satisfaction for the many sacrifices made. I am happy for the girls and the staff for the outstanding work we have done in these months. Now the two most important competitions await us.”

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