Juventus crisis, Alessandro Del Piero has a big doubt

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“If the alchemy is not there, it is difficult to find it again.”

Juve’s resounding defeat on the field of Maccabi Haifa caused immediate reactions even in the upper echelons of Juventus institutions. President Agnelli took the floor at the end of the match, perhaps somewhat surprisingly exonerating the coach almost entirely of specific responsibility: “In a situation like this it is not a matter of one person. It is a group issue. It cannot be the coach’s fault if we don’t win a contrast,” the Juve number one said.

Agnelli’s remarks triggered opinions from insiders, including former players who wrote the history of the Piedmontese club. Like Alessandro Del Piero, for example, who at the microphones of Sky Sport expressed more than a few doubts about the president’s ‘choice of field’.

“Agnelli said that we will go ahead with Allegri on the bench at least for the next eight months. This is a very clear indication for the players and the whole environment. If he has confidence in his staff and the people who are with him, evidently, he thinks there are the resources to be able to come out of the difficult moment. He then used the term alchemy, but if that is not there, it is difficult to find it again,” said the world champion at Germany 2006.

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