World Track Championships to begin in the sign of Filippo Ganna

©Getty Images

Filippo Ganna in Paris

Everything is ready at the Velodrome National in Paris St Quentin -en-Yvelines where the 2022 World Track Cycling Championships start on Wednesday.

CT Marco Villa has made official the composition of the quartets. In fact, it starts at 13:30 with the women’s and men’s team pursuit. An immediately crucial test.

In the women’s team pursuit competing are: Elisa Balsamo, Chiara Consonni, Martina Fidanza and Vittoria Guazzini. In the men’s, on the other hand, Filippo Ganna, fresh record-holder of the hour, returns to the scene, who with Jonathan Milan, Francesco Lamon and Manlio Moro will go in search of the final (Simone Consonni the reserve who will be fielded in the 2nd round).

The trials of the Azzurri continue with Martina Fidanza in the Scrath (10 km distance for a total of 40 laps). Finally, it’s the sprinters’ turn with the Team Sprint with Matteo Bianchi, Matteo Tuniolo and Daniele Napolitano.

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