Reyer Venezia, De Raffaele is looking for balance

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Orogranata coach is looking for balance

Reyer Venezia coach Walter De Raffaele spoke in a press conference two days before the match that will see the Venetian team engaged on Trieste’s parquet.

“From our side, we are trying to find balances, which of course are in the making, because each quintet that goes on the court has different physical and technical characteristics. And so also defensively we have to have adaptations, because we propose quintets with much more body and others with much less body, since Brooks plays as a number 3 by necessity so many minutes, too many in some moments. And, in between, there is also having to know each other. So many situations of lost balls, especially, but also defensive communication, with the mistakes that come up are due to not knowing each other. Unfortunately, only when we have a balance that will allow us to get the players back in their own roles will we be able to have different choices and balances,” said the coach of the orogranatas, coming off a one-point loss to Pesaro.

“Trieste is a team that comes from the excellent performance in Bologna, after the home opener with Pesaro, and certainly, in front of its public, will want to play a game of great energy. A team that, without wanting to take anything away from the various Campogrande and Bossi, definitely has the greatest share of talent in American players like Gaines, Bartley and Davis, the three outside players who have most of the possessions in their hands, combined with the athleticism they possess. I think it will be very important for us, coming from two more away games, making three in one week for the first time, the ability to understand the pace, contain their offensive flurries, but also individual talent, as they showed in Bologna for long stretches, losing the game only in the final minutes,” De Raffaele continued, pointing out that despite two losses in the first two days of the championship, Marco Legovich’s men put Sergio Scariolo’s Virtus Bologna in great difficulty in the second round of the LBA, giving in only in the final.

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