Gianmarco Tamberi peremptory on the cases of Paola Egonu and Zaynab Dosso

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Gianmarco Tamberi had his say on the issue of racism

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian national high hurdler Gianmarco Tamberi spoke about the cases concerning volleyball player Paola Egonu and sprinter Zaynab Dosso, which have heated up the sports world in recent days: “It touches me deeply: between basketball and music, I am black inside, my idols are all black.”

“I was going to expose myself publicly, then I preferred not to. But I wrote to Zaynab Dosso: as an Italian captain, I also told her that in the national team we could think about meaningful gestures,” the Italian concluded.

Tamberi, after his farewell from his father-coach, will not train himself: “I thought about it: but I need an athletic trainer and a coach. They will have to help me stay at the top for two years, without disrupting my routine, without making me take risks. At 30, it’s hard to change.”

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