Cantù, Meo Sacchetti grooms his team.

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Meo Sacchetti speaks.

Meo Sacchetti, coach of Cantù Basketball, presented in a press conference the challenge against Treviglio, the top match of the A2 Series, scheduled for Sunday, October 23 at 6 p.m.

“In addition to Stefanelli, Lorenzo Bucarelli did not train yesterday, but he will return to the group today and will be in the game,” explained Coach Sacchetti. “Treviglio is a tough team, but so are we. They have a huge center like Marcius. However, we too can say we are a physical and athletic team, just think of Filippo Baldi Rossi, Stefan Nikolic and Dario Hunt. Without forgetting Matteo Da Ros, who can give much more on offense. We still need to find team cohesion, and I am definitely seeing good things in training, as was also the case last week before the Vanoli Cremona home challenge. Having said that, I was more satisfied with the second half at PalaRadi than with the success at home with NPC Rieti.”

“We have to fear all teams and do our own thing. Cantù has to think about itself, then in 10 games we will take stock of where we are. We have played three league games to date, and among the two rounds only Udine won easy first outings, the same Cremona and Treviglio have shown to struggle,” continued the coach of the Brianza club.

“The less accredited teams put in more desire and aggressiveness. Here, we have to equalize this desire. We must not feel that we have already arrived, just because we are Cantù. On the technical level, on the other hand, because of the way we are structured, I expect more open shots and baskets from three,” Sacchetti concluded.

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