Vincenzo Nibali’s regrets: “Some Giro I threw away.”

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Vincenzo Nibali: “The Giro had become like my home.”

Vincenzo Nibali, who has just retired from competitive racing, on stage at the Gazzetta Sports Days in Palermo recalled his special relationship with the Giro d’Italia, which he won twice: “The first Giro d’Italia was the most exciting one. Even at the first stages my heart was pounding, it was a big party and I wanted to show off. Over time I managed it, the Giro d’Italia became like my home.”

There is no shortage of regrets: “I won two but how many placings, I finished six consecutive times on the podium. Maybe some Giro d’Italia I threw away, however, that’s the risk you take by racing the stage one way instead of another.”

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