Storm over Marc Marquez, Davide Tardozzi and Ducati furious

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The words of Davide Tardozzi

Pecco Bagnaia’s difficult qualifying Saturday does not worry team manager Davide Tardozzi too much: “We are not desperate at all, those we are fighting with have done worse than us. Bagnaia knows he has enough speed especially with used tires. We are calm and confident.”

On the other hand, tones were raised at the microphones of Sky Sport MotoGP when it came to talking about Marc Marquez, guilty in his own words of being constantly in the slipstream: “We criticize the Moto3 guys so much and then look at what he does. A rider should set a good example, we are at the top of professionalism, Marquez’s behavior of always following an opponent to get an advantage in the fast lap is not good. I have an adjective with which to define this behavior, but it is better if I keep it to myself.”

After hitting a 125 world championship in 2010 and a Moto2 world championship in 2012, Marc Marquez officially debuted in MotoGp in 2013 on a Honda. Already in his first year in the top MotoGP category, he won the championship ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and teammate Daniel Pedrosa. From 2014 to 2019 he wins five more World Championships, not triumphing until 2015, the year in which he serves as the needle in the challenge between Valentino Rossi and Lorenzo.

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