F1, George Russell mortified: the gesture for Carlos Sainz

©Getty Images

Mercedes driver Russell rear-ended Sainz at the start, forcing him to retire

In Austin came yet another bitterness of the season for Carlos Sainz, who in a fight with Max Verstappen was rammed by Mercedes driver George Russell, which immediately ended his U.S. Grand Prix.

The scorching post-race statements from the Spanish Ferrari driver were followed by contrite ones from the British driver, who tried to make amends for his mistake by going to the Ferrari pit box to personally apologize: “I went to talk to Carlos after the race, it’s not right to be involved in such a situation,” he admitted. “When I approached Turn 1 I thought Carlos was going to the outside of Verstappen, so I was in a good position to overtake Lewis, then he moved to the inside I realized how there was nothing more to do.

“I apologized, it was my mistake and I am so sorry for him.”

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