Ducati, Di Giannantonio explodes: ‘Amazing bike but I’m having less and less fun’

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Ducati Gresini team centaur Di Giannantonio disappointed with his season: “I don’t improve and I don’t solve problems.”

It has not been a debut year in MotoGp to remember for Fabio Di Giannantonio. The Team Gresini Ducati centaur has suffered greatly from the jump in category: after a difficult start to the World Championship, the Roman rider had given encouraging signs at Mugello and Sachsenring, but the last six races have been a nightmare, zero points and a crash, collected in the last Gp in Texas.

On Instagram Di Giannantonio let loose a long rant: “Nineteenth race of the season, the trend of the weekend is always the same. Unfortunately we don’t improve, we don’t solve problems, so we can’t get faster. The fact is that this season I have had less and less fun on the bike. But I’m not talking about the bike itself eh, absolutely! The Ducati MotoGP is the most amazing and incredible machine I have ever been on, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to ride it. I had less fun and results didn’t come.”

“In all this, what have I learned,” Fabio asked himself. Eh … I learned that the level in MotoGP is very high and nothing is left to chance, which then I think is what the game is all about … to work, hard, to work really hard, to plan, to study, to analyze, to believe in it, to have confidence, to think about everything, to not neglect any detail, to have OBSESSION. Yes because in the end the question is-but do you, do you have the OBSESSION? Because only by answering yes can you put yourself against the greatest in the sport.”

The ending is enigmatic and hints at a future turning point: “I am among my thoughts at the airport, in two weeks there is Valencia, a race that I will face with the mentality to do well, very well, as I have always done. Then another chapter opens, who knows.”

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