Bagnaia, confession on Valentino Rossi: “He was crucial.”

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Bagnaia, confession on Valentino Rossi: “He was crucial.”

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia in an interview with Sky spoke about his moment in MotoGp: “Winning the World Championship changed a little bit the way I approach things, the way I live. Everything has changed, both sportingly and privately.”

Self-confidence has increased: “This is one of the things that has changed from last year. In 2022 I was the one chasing, this season we are in a different situation: we have thrown away some points, however, being the reference gives me taste, it always pushes me to improve. It’s nice that this is the case, I’m happy.”

Valentino Rossi’s great support hasn’t changed: “For sure Valentino helped me a lot last year, I asked him many things, I based my choices during the race weekends on what he told me. And I’m continuing to do that, it’s fundamental.”

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